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Freehold condominiums

This type of property provides direct ownership by the foreign investor and is the most popular form of property acquisition. Freehold condominiums are usually managed privately by the owners, but a management company can usually assist with maintenance and rentals. This type of condo is an excellent choice for retirees and others who plan to live in Thailand for an extended period of time.

Leasehold apartments

Our selection of leasehold apartments  consist of hotel-managed properties that provide lucrative rental income as well as the opportunity for the owner to stay 30-60 days per year.  A long-term lease is a very secure form of ownership and is registered with the Government of Thailand. It is usually signed for a 30 year period with possible extensions by 30+30 years. This type of apartment is a perfect option for investors who would also like to use their property during leisure trips to Thailand.

Villas & Townhomes

By law, foreigners are not allowed to own land in Thailand, however, options are available, including 30-year renewable leaseholds. We offer an exceptional selection of hotel-managed villas and townhomes whereby the long-term lease is signed with the management company.   In many cases, this company will manage the property and provide attractive rental income. Affluent investors and families who aim for the multi-bedroom vacation homes will find this option especially appealing.

We offer various options that will fit every need and budget. Many of our properties provide guaranteed annual rental income of up to 8%, or equal distribution of the net profit that may provide even better returns.

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