Pattaya is a beachside resort city conveniently located only 1.5 hrs. drive away from Bangkok airport and 2 hrs. from the capital city of the Kingdom. Foreign visitors and residents choose Pattaya for its diverse range of expat communities, lower cost of living, affordability of beachfront vacation homes, and ease of connectivity with Bangkok and the country’s main airport.


Vibrant Resort City

Beach With Coconut Trees In Najomtien Pattaya


Bang Saray beach

This emerging location is among the most pleasant stretches of sand in the Pattaya area as well as being a very small, quaint town offering a very local atmosphere. Living in Bang Saray allows you to enjoy calm days and quiet beaches, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Bang Saray is probably the last destination near Pattaya that offers direct access to a pristine beach yet is close enough to the city to avail of its exceptional recreational facilities. 


The city offers access to a wide range of recreational facilities for expats and vacationers including world-class golf courses, water parks, tropical botanical gardens, nearby islands with white sandy beaches, restaurants that offer international cuisine, countless wellness/spa centers, yacht clubs and marinas, and all types of expat communities and clubs.

Home Values

Today, property values in Pattaya are at some of the most affordable levels that have been available for many years.  With forecasts now expecting values to increase in 2022 and beyond, this is the perfect time to consider Pattaya.  This coastal region offers an impressive array of beach-front vacation homes at some of the most affordable prices you will find in Thailand.


Northern Pattaya is home to many upscale hotels and luxury condo buildings that offer access to one of the  areas nicest beaches – Wongamat.

Central Pattaya is what this city is famous for – shopping malls, restaurants, city hotels and the famous Walking Street.

Many foreigners prefer investing in the Southern Pattaya and Pratamnak Hill, areas that offer secluded residential communities and easy access to the city.

Jomtien and Na Jomtien are two emerging locations that offer new condos with direct access to the beach and an unobstructed sea view.

Why Invest in Pattaya

Only 1.5 hrs. from Bangkok’s main airport and 2 hrs. from the capital city

Cost of living is more affordable than many other beach locations

World-class hospitals, excellent golf courses, yacht clubs and marinas

Some of Thailand’s most affordable beachfront real estate properties including a wide selection of condominiums, residences and condotels

Large number of expat communities and various clubs

Diverse lifestyle offerings–from vibrant central Pattaya to quiet and family-friendly Najomtien and Bang Saray

Wide array of international restaurants and modern shopping malls

Many other destinations within close proximity including national parks, small islands & charming local communities

Ships On Turquoise Water North Pattaya Beach At Night